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Prepaid credit cards offer full cost control and are usually available without Schufa.
Read all about advantages, disadvantages and comparison of the cards.

Whether travel booking or online shopping - without a credit card almost nothing works on the Internet.
It's bad for all those who don't have a credit card - be it because they shy away from the risk of debt,
either because the bank does not want to give them one because of a negative Schufa query.
Prepaid credit cards can be the solution here.

What distinguishes prepaid credit cards

Prepaid credit cards without Schufa can only be managed on a credit basis. In contrast to classic
Credit cards do not offer a credit limit. The owners can only spend what they have previously spent on the credit card.
I'm sorry I didn't top up your credit. This is why prepaid credit cards are also referred to as rechargeable credit cards.
The following options are possible with prepaid credit cards for a credit top-up:

Bank transfer
Cash deposit at a branch of the provider
cash deposits at petrol stations and kiosks with petrol station credit cards
regular charging by standing order
Sofort-Überweisung / Giropay
Credit note / recharge receipt

Credit-based cards work at home and abroad like traditional credit cards

As with a regular credit card, holders can use a prepaid credit card at home and abroad,
pay for purchases online or in the real world. Cash withdrawals can also be made with the credit-based
Credit card possible worldwide.
Since the prepaid credit cards on the German market from the most common providers are Visa or MasterCard,
a high density of acceptance points and the institute's own ATMs is ensured worldwide.
Depending on the prepaid credit card, as with other types of credit cards, card payments and cash withdrawals can be made in the following ways
charges are incurred at home and abroad (in particular in foreign currency).

There is no debt risk

In the case of a prepaid credit card, the missing credit limit ensures that the holder can use the
card and therefore cannot incur debts.

Note: When applying for a credit card, always read the contract carefully and check it for
elastic overdraft clauses. In the case of credit cards, payment in excess of the credit balance should not be
but an attentive examination of the contract is always necessary.

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+ Free of charge
+ E-Wallet
+ Virtual credit card (prepaid)
+ Physical credit card (prepaid)
ecoPayz offers the freedom to use your money anytime and anywhere.
With an ecoAccount you can receive, send and spend money worldwide - all with just one online account.
Reliable and secure online transfers.
Make secure online payments worldwide,
without worrying about your security and data protection
ecoPayz is a very common payment method at online casinos.

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+ Free of charge
+ E-Wallet
+ bonus system
+ Virtual credit card (prepaid)
+ Physical credit card (prepaid)
Neteller (Net+) prepaid cards give you the security and flexibility you need, both online and in stores.
With a Neteller (Net+) Prepaid Mastercard, you can immediately withdraw money from ATMs worldwide, make online payments and shop in stores.
You receive NETELLER loyalty points for every purchase you make. You can convert the points into cash or use them to buy goods.
Neteller is a very common payment method at online casinos.

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+ Free of charge
+ E-Wallet
+ Virtual credit card (prepaid)
+ Physical credit card (prepaid)
With a Skrill Mastercard you can immediately withdraw money from ATMs worldwide and make online payments and purchases in shops.
With a Skrill Wallet you can easily send and receive money - all you need is an email address.
Send and receive money, store card details, link bank accounts and pay conveniently, whenever and wherever, all with your email address and password.
Your security has priority. Your payments and personal information are safe and secure, and the security team protects all transactions.
Skrill is a very common payment method at online casinos.

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